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Industrial solutions for macro plastics collection & recycling

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million tons of plastics waste ends up in seas every year

6.5 billion tons of plastics produced since the 1950s


of plastics is recycled


of plastics is burned


of plastics end up in landfill or environement




plastic litter before it reaches deep seas



marine plastics



 recycled marine plastics through DFR approach (Design From Recycling)

Systems & Solutions

Collector anchored in rivers and costal currents

Collector is anchored in river or estuaries. It will intercept litters brought by currents. It’s operates by local communities and trashs are be processed locally.

Collector towed by local fishing boats


The collector is towed by 2 boats sailing in parralel to maitain the collector open. It’s operates by local communities and trashs are be processed locally.

Ship fitted with collector and recycling machine

A single ship is towing and operating the collector. The ship is fitted with a recycling machine and is able to work in full autonomy. Such ship is usefull to clean specific pollutions after the moonsson, hurricane, tsunami.

Ship fitted with recycling machine


A ship is fitted with a recycling plant and sail from one hot spot to the other to process plastic trashs. The waste are collected by local communities. When the area is cleared, the ship sail to a new location for another campain of cleaning. Such solution is usefull in areas not able to invest in recycling plant.

"The ReCleanSea project is the kind of audacious and significant projects we need to help clean-up the oceans. I'm proud to help and advise the Puremar Challenge that's associated with it."

Yves Parlier, LibertyKite®
Macro-plastics visible effect on marine life: a sea turtle lays her eggs on Christmas island and the babies hatch among plastic trash. Source: Dailymotion video.

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