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Proof of Concept Collector XXL


The proof of concept (PoC) consists in validating the efficiency of the collector XXL and the recycling processes

Using a ship is the best way to do it fast.

Why a ship for the POC ?

The ship allows to go directly to areas where we have identified large areas of floating macro-plastics waste.

The ship can accommodate 60 people including scientists, technicians, and journalists.

Scientific survey can be done while testing and qualifying our tools.

The POC will last 3 months at sea

Preliminary surveys (to be done before POC)

Collector design

The collector will be validated in various sea states and at various speeds. We will evaluate its resistance to water flow, its efficiency to collect wastes and of course the fact that it does not catch fish or marine life.

Recycling process

The recycling process will be tried onsite and adjusted with the type of plastics we’ll collect. Engineers will experiment at far as we can all methodologies available onboard.


Fitting of equipment into the ship

Even if we take an existing vessel, we’ll have to adapt some parts of the vessel to install collector handling equipment and the recycling system.

Media & sciences


We will propose to journalists and scientists to join the POC onboard and to conduct their own studies with our logistic support.

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