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Why support ReCleanSea?

  • We work with global, relevant and experienced partners.
  • The small projects are easy to implement for a small cost (from €100K) and can make a significant and quick difference in local areas; they are also easy to replicate all over the world.


  • Our recovery tools are sturdy, simple to operate, and have been successfully used worldwide for over 15 years regarding oil and several years for plastic waste.
  • We’re not starting from scratch in a lab, hoping to design a solution that will work; we’re developing and bettering existing proven tools and collection techniques.

ReCleanSea is looking for different types of partners and contributions, depending on our projects and the nature of your involvement.

Small & mid-size projects with existing collection systems

XXL system to be created

For our small to mid-size projects using existing Thomsea collection systems, we are looking for:

  • NGO and organizations focusing on restoring the natural environment and on the social impact of pollution.
  • Plastic recyclers and people involved in recycling operations.
  • Entities affected by pollution or involved in remediation actions (marine or fishing operators, cities, governments, marinas, ports, tourism or hotel operators or alliances, businesses…).
  • Local fixers and general helpers.

For the XXL project of designing and building an extra-large collection system to be towed by a large ship across plastic pollution hotspots, we are looking for:

  • Investors, donors and financial partners.
  • Technical partners (fabric, materials, electronics, fluids…).
  • Marine partners (towing ship, crew, fuel…).
  • Scientific partners (biology, technical, weather, currents, waste, etc. experts).
  • Organizations involved in valuating plastic waste.
  • Media partners and journalists.

For all projects and to assist the ReCleanSea association and its activities, we are looking for support in the following fields: Marketing, Communication, Legal.

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